In this video, we’re going to learn how to set up your devices for teaching lessons in Wonder Ink. You’ll need a laptop, HDMI cable, and a second monitor or tv.

First, go ahead and plug in the HDMI cable into your laptop or desktop. If you don’t have an HDMI port on your device, use a USB to HDMI adapter or for Mac users use a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Then plug in the other end of the HDMI cable into your tv or monitor. On your tv, toggle through the inputs or sources until you see your laptop screen on the tv.

Then go to your laptop and open your display settings. You can search the word settings in your PC in the bottom left or on Mac search in the top right, with a magnifying glass, the word ‘display,’ then hit enter.

You’ll need a laptop, HDMI cable, and a second monitor or tv.

PC Settings

For PC, in your settings, click on system. You should see two displays in the rearrange your display section.

Go ahead and rearrange your displays in this window that’s suitable for your room setup. Then click apply. Scroll down to the bottom and under multiple displays, make sure you have ‘extend these displays’ selected. This setting allows you to drag the student view browser tab from your laptop to the tv.

Mac Settings

On a Mac, in your display settings, your laptop should have detected the tv that’s connected to it. Tab over to ‘arrangement’ and arrange your displays in this window in a way that’s suitable for you. The white bar above a display indicates which display is the primary one. You want the white bar to be over your laptop display. Make sure the mirror display box is not checked.


Once your tv is hooked up and your settings are good, then open up your lesson in Wonder Ink that you want to present. Click present. Two new tabs will open, then drag the student view tab onto your tv. Click full screen on the student view that’s on the tv. You can control both views by clicking next on the teacher view that’s on the laptop.

Now you know how to set up your devices for teaching. Watch our other videos that show you how to use other features in Wonder Ink.

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