What if Sunday morning was
just the starting point?​

Faith formation is not limited to Sunday mornings. Wonder Ink invites churches, families, and children to experience the wonder of God together as they follow Him every day in every way.

This Bible-centered, customizable children’s ministry curriculum encourages big questions, creates intentional space for children and leaders to meet with God, and builds faith beyond Sunday.

What is Wonder Ink?​

Wonder Ink is a customizable digital curriculum and toolkit for creatively engaging kids and families in God’s Word—connecting the classroom on Sunday to their homes during the week.

Created by ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink helps the local church inspire children in faith, walk alongside parents at home, and equip volunteers in ministry.

With Early Childhood and Elementary
age group options, Wonder Ink provides:​

Engaging Curriculum

  • 3-year unified scope and sequence for all ages—Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with a Toddler Time track) and Elementary kids (Kindergarten through Grade 5)
  • A foundation for kids to fully grasp that they are known by God, loved by Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit
  • Integration of the entire Bible on a 4-part lesson journey of Curiosity, Belief, Faith, and Identity

Comprehensive Solution​

  • A complete digital subscription including curriculum, volunteer development, and Wonder@Home family engagement materials
  • Customizable multi-media lessons, activities, videos, and music
  • Connection and collaboration with fellow children’s ministry leaders and volunteers within lessons
  • Flexibility for in-person and online participation for building your church community

What churches say about Wonder Ink...