Welcome to Wonder Ink. We’re glad that you’re here and we’re going to go over some features of Wonder Ink, so you can help share the wonder of God’s Big Story with kids. You’ll be amazed by the series we have coming for Wonder Ink.

Wonder Ink Platform Overview

Visit the Lesson Series section to dive into available series. Within a series, see what’s coming next by visiting the scope and sequence. This is where you’ll see the lesson titles, Scriptures, wonder truth, and word of wonder for the series.

Planning is easy in Wonder Ink with a calendar feature. You can go straight into the lesson from the calendar, or you can enter the lesson through Lesson Series. Dive into the lesson builder where you can configure and customize each lesson component to meet the needs of your ministry.

You can also simply take our expertly designed lesson flow and move right into presenting for an amazing Sunday, which we hope gives you more time to build relationships with kids and less time having to prep for teaching.

Lessons taught on Sunday can be reinforced by families during the week with Wonder@Home.

Volunteers that are also parents of students that learn with Wonder Ink have access to both teacher and parent features. You can toggle the roles and see the parent or volunteer content easily.

Have more time to build relationships with kids and spend less time having to prep for teaching.

In Additional Resources, you can find resources for training and Wonder Ink branding materials. Here you’ll find Wonder Ink logos, posters, and everything you’ll need to decorate and promote Wonder Ink in your church.

Click on training to discover custom-built resources to help you train the volunteers in your ministry, recruit and retain those volunteers, and set a vision that will align with your ministry strategically. You’ll also find training tips for teaching built into each lesson.

In My Church, invite volunteers and families to be a part of your church in Wonder Ink. By sending links specific to your church, you can approve pending registrations here.

Learn More & Explore Wonder Ink

In Explore Wonder Ink, watch tutorial videos that explain how to use Wonder Ink, review the scope and sequence, get your questions answered, and also see what’s new in the latest updates to Wonder Ink.

You can always reach the friendly team at David C Cook by emailing us at [email protected]. Now that you’ve received a quick tour, feel free to explore Wonder Ink.

Watch More Orientation Videos

Wonder Ink’s 3-year, 52-week children’s ministry curriculum offers kids space to fully find their place in God’s Big Story. Children discover they are Known by God, Loved by Jesus, and Led by the Holy Spirit.