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Spiritual practices for kids are implemented in time spent with God in an organized, yet spirit-led way. They provide space to rest in God’s presence.
In this series, kids will explore Jesus’ imaginative stories called parables.
It’s our job to help kids to know what is always true—what God says is true. 
Leading as a coach can create a safe space for our teams to explore their strengths, passions, and personal development goals.
The right curriculum for children’s ministry will lay a foundation for teaching the Bible and allow you to invest in the people around you.
This series explores the Sermon on the Mount and leads your ministry to a deeper understanding of the heart of Jesus—a heart that is for you.
It’s vital for our children to know that they were created by God on purpose, for a purpose.
Children’s ministry worship isn’t just to get out kids’ energy or keep them busy; it’s a chance for them to connect with and express their love for God.
Whether for Sunday school, children’s church, or midweek—these preschool coloring pages teach children who God is and who they are in Him!
Every person has a unique origin story. Jesus is no exception! This Christmas series explores Jesus’ family line!
Bottom line? God has hidden important truth—about who He is and who we are—throughout His story. This includes kings and prophets!
The bulk of spiritual formation of children comes in the home. So how can we partner with parents to equip them for serving their kids?
Let’s look at some ways we can create a team that not only values the idea of relationships, but actively prioritizes meaningful relationships. 
We want kids to know that God can and will work through their lives in unique ways. They fit into His Story and were made for wonder.
In this series, kids will discover what it means for God to be the only true God and how He invites them to follow and respond to Him.
Ask God to help your kids see problems as more than obstacles, to instead see them as opportunities as well.
Rest is paying attention to our God-given needs and limits and choosing to honor God through an unhurried rhythm in our everyday lives.
It’s worth thinking through how you can partner with families to help them as they raise their kids to know and love Jesus!
We have the special opportunity as children’s leaders, parents, and disciple-makers to inspire children in the wonder of worship.
In this series, kids will explore how God will always keep His word—just as He prepared the way for Israel.
With The Christmas Jubilee early childhood and elementary kids get to see into Jesus’ family tree through 5 weeks of lessons, a family event, and more!
Inclusive ministry shows that no matter a child’s ability, they deserve to know how loved and valued they are by their Creator in heaven, and by you.
There is no doubt that we are able to see kids and families grow in faith because of the amazing leaders we have in children’s ministry.
Captivate kids and families with The Christmas Jubilee—a Wonder Ink children’s ministry curriculum and event!

Celebrate New Life

5 weeks of Children's Ministry Lessons + A Family Event