Wonder Ink Children's Church Pricing

Wonder Ink curriculum for kids is a trusted, biblical, and fun solution for your children’s church, weeknight, or Sunday school program.

Simple, singular pricing is available for either Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with a bonus Toddler Time track), Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5), or Full subscriptions.

  • No additional license or media fees
  • Annual subscription gives you and your church full access to the digital platform and its full suite of tools and media
  • Use the Scope & Sequence Calculator to see what will come with your purchase!

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

You’ll also find a flexible installment payment option available at checkout.

New pricing starting August 1st! Keep scrolling for more info.

Introductory Pricing ends July 31, 2024

Age Level

Introductory Annual Price

Early Childhood

Ages 3-5 with Toddler Time

Annual payment of

or 3 installments of $219.00


Kindergarten through Grade 5

Annual payment of

or 3 installments of $289.00

Full Curriculum

All of the above—Best Value

Annual payment of

or 3 installments of $329.00

Pricing Update Effective August 1, 2024

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Wonder Ink Price Change FAQs

When will the price of Wonder Ink change?

New pricing will begin on August 1, 2024. If you are an existing customer, new pricing will begin at your next annual renewal on or after August 1, 2024.
For example, if you purchased Wonder Ink in March of 2024, the new pricing will take effect March of 2025.

Why are prices changing?

We believe this updated model offers fair pricing based on the size of your children’s ministry and helps ensure more churches can access the high quality, life-changing material in the Wonder Ink platform.

We are committed to providing high-quality children’s ministry resources for your church and can’t wait to partner with you for years to come.

As a current customer, can I be “grandfathered” in to keep my current pricing?

The pricing structure will change for everyone on August 1, 2024, but you will only see the change after your yearly renewal date. Many of our existing customers will continue to pay the same amount as before, and some may even pay less due to their enrollment size.

Our commitment to providing high-quality digital Bible study curriculum remains unchanged. We are dedicated to creatively engaging kids and families in God’s Word by equipping you with resources that spark curiosity and guide children on a journey of faith through the wonder of God.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please reach out at [email protected] or (800) 446-7735.

As a bonus, we are giving a FREE volunteer training bundle ($200 VALUE), which will include:

  • Children’s Ministry Training Kit: 4 Session for Training Rock Star Volunteers
  • Vision Casting Training Kit: Building Momentum in Your Children’s Ministry
  • Volunteer Onboarding Kit: 5 Steps for Growing Your Children’s Ministry Team

In the past, I chose to pay in three installments. How will I be charged going forward?

We are excited to announce that you will now have the option to pay your annual subscription in 4 installments instead of 3. This will align better with many churches’ quarterly budgeting structures and will also result in a lower price per installment.

Your pricing structure will remain the same until your annual renewal, at which point it will change from 3 installments to 4.

 Please note that this is still an annual subscription, and subscribers assume responsibility for all 4 installments. Please see your updated terms and conditions for exact installment dates.

As a current customer, can I change my church’s payment plan from a one-time payment to installments?

Yes; please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you with this change. The new payment format will take effect on your next annual renewal date after August 1st, 2024.

Why are you measuring church size by the number of students?

After discussions with various customers and ministry leaders, this structure would make Wonder Ink affordable for more ministries. By basing price on the size of the children’s ministry, and by utilizing fair and equitable pricing, we can give more ministries the opportunity to use Wonder Ink in their churches.

What if the number of kids in my ministry changes?

You can adjust your student range at the time of your next yearly renewal. Should you need assistance, please contact [email protected].

Can I be invoiced for my purchase of Wonder Ink?

Wonder Ink is a digital product only available by subscription with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card through our online portal at WonderInk.org. We are not able to send invoices.

I have another question. Who can I contact?

Please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (800) 446-7735. One of our Wonder Ink ministry consultants will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

If David C Cook is a non-profit organization, what is my money contributing to?

David C Cook is a non-profit ministry, and when you purchase resources from us, it enables us to serve churches all around the world.

Our mission at David C Cook is to equip the church with Christ-centered resources for making and teaching disciples who obediently transform today’s generations. To learn more, about David C Cook, please visit https://davidccook.org/about/, and to learn more about our outreach programs, visit, https://davidccook.org/outreach/.

What churches say about Wonder Ink...

Created and Tested by Experts

The result of a 2-year journey from insights, research, development and testing by seasoned children’s ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink is designed and tested to equip today’s church with impactful curriculum and comprehensive toolkit. Wonder Ink gives leaders tools to comprehensively develop and train volunteers, empower families and inspire children.

Explore the Customizable Digital Curriculum and Toolkit

  • Explores the entire Bible in a 3-year, 52-week/year curriculum
  • Age-appropriate variations for Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with a bonus Toddler Time track) and Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5)
  • Fully resourced lessons for large and small groups
  • Lessons are themed in 4-8 week series, including Christmas and Easter
  • Choose from ready-to-go lessons at 30, 60, or 75 minutes—and edit them to fit your needs
  • Lessons are resourced with training, supply lists, and leader tips for classroom management, inclusion, and virtual learning
  • Includes teaching videos, slides, questions, and worship playlists
  • Each lesson supports various learning styles and offers activity options
  • Every lesson is ready to cast, stream, download, or print to suit your ministry needs
  • Adapt each lesson to what your teachers need
  • Every lesson can be edited for time, content, and media
  • Select or remove individual slides, videos, music, or games
  • Develop volunteers and equip families through communication, planning and calendar tools
  • Connect and collaborate with other children’s leaders on lessons and build a network of peers
  • Built-in social media capabilities to drive engagement with volunteers, families, and your church
  • Multiple leader accounts per subscription so that teachers and parents have access to what they need
  • Online expert lesson and platform support through David C Cook
  • In-lesson tips and training for every lesson
  • Fully resourced and focused training kits for volunteers
  • Communicate with and develop your volunteers to inspire kids to discover their identity in God’s Big Story
  • Families can access Wonder@Home lesson reinforcement activities including games, worship playlists, and more
  • Total digital platform inspiring kids to have fun choosing avatars, playing games, and earning badges each week
  • Ability to share an event calendar and seasonal family engagement series
  • One ready-to-go family event per quarter! summer, fall, Christmas, and Easter