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Be encouraged, supported, and stay up-to-date with Wonder Ink through these helpful articles, videos, and downloads.

Join our team as they walk through how the Wonder Ink scope and sequence reflects our core values as kids find themselves in God’s Big Story.
When it comes down to it, what makes a good children’s curriculum great? Let’s dive into 5 things that make some of the best children’s curriculum.
Connecting and collaborating with others is so helpful, so we want to help you connect and share ideas with other ministry leaders.
In this video, learn how to present a lesson using the Wonder Ink platform.
In this video, we review some features of Wonder Ink, so you can help share the wonder of God’s Big Story with kids.
The world has a lot to say to our kids about what identity is and who they are. We get the chance to tell them the truth.
Wonder is where it all begins. Ink is God’s truth written on our hearts. Discover more about the Wonder Ink journey in this video.
In this video, we are going to learn the difference between email and messages in Wonder Ink.
In this video, we’re going to learn how to set up your devices for teaching lessons in Wonder Ink.
For children’s church, Sunday school, small group/large group—it’s important to use a bible-based children’s curriculum when leading and teaching.
In this series, kids will encounter a miracle-working Jesus who sees them, loves them, and will stop at nothing to be with them.
At each stage of childhood, we can meet kids exactly where they are. We can model for them what it means to follow Jesus in wonder.
Discover the Wonder Ink difference and see why this children’s curriculum may be exactly what your church has been looking for. Try it for free today!
Check out this wonderful declaration video with Brie. She is known by God, loved by Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit. What a wonder she is!
God sent Jesus into the world because of His deep love. In this series, kids will be introduced to the love Jesus has for all people, including them.
Find freedom in purchasing a kids’ curriculum that is customizable for your ministry. Spend time leading your teams as you love on kids and families.
Whatever your worship looks like in the season, there is a constant, true, and faithful source. His name is Jesus and we have joy, hope, peace, and love in Him and because of Him.
We want to empower our volunteers in the work set before them, but mostly, we want to empower them in their personal relationships with God.
With Wonder Ink, you have multiple options for sharing lesson materials with volunteers who teach a class or group. Watch this video for more!
When we encourage our children in their Christ-given identity, it gives them a strong foundation for knowing who and whose they are.
In this series, kids will celebrate Advent in a new way as they walk through the prophecies from Isaiah, the birth of Jesus, and the promise of His return.
We don’t have to put on a show for the kids we serve. We simply must walk with Jesus. Discover the power of declaring truth in ministry to children.
Considering this uncomfortable question can help keep us grounded as leaders who cast a clear vision for children’s ministry.
What if the truest definition of identity meant that the more I am like Jesus, the more I am the me I was made to be?