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When we come together in unity as believers, God’s light shines so bright that the whole world can know that He is who He says He is.
God’s creation of family as a reflection of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit gives a more complete picture of God as one who delights in His children.
This series affirms God’s role in spiritual formation. As we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, He is faithful to help us with His command to be like Jesus.
Children are the church of today. Just as we are. The ministry work that takes place in children’s ministry—it’s all important.
When purchasing children’s ministry curriculum, whether for Sunday school, midweek, large group or small group—consider these 6 things!
As followers of Jesus, we are given a forever friend in the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged today. You are not alone.
We need to go together on the journey of discipleship with each other, for the sake of the spiritual formation of this generation of kids.
In worship response, it’s our job to set the table and invite kids to respond as they experience God as He moves.
Your volunteers are image bearers who are made to be known, loved, and led by God. Here are 4 ways to engage God’s wonder with your team.
Kids are great at wondering. At being amazed. At being curious. Let’s encourage them and support families as they wonder in God’s truth!
In 2023, every child (and parent) in your ministry was born into a technologically-connected, digital world. The good news: screen time can be God time.
Before the first child peeks into your classroom or races over to you for a hug this week, pause and give the Holy Spirit full access to your heart, your mind, your soul.
There is no such thing as a junior-sized version of the Holy Spirit for young followers of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is for everyone who believes!
We have been given a precious opportunity to lead the children in our ministries, yet we cannot give away the things that we do not possess.
In this live video, you’ll get tips and ideas for how to teach Wonder Ink in a group of kids of various ages.
Discover how to create a kidmin culture that cultivates wonder-filled conversations and God-led encounters for kids.
During this series, you will lead kids through the story of redemption. The story that reaches into our lives and changes the very core of who we are!
Equipping volunteers with language, discipleship, encouragement, and training is important for the health of our children’s ministries as we lead kids.
God’s amazing story for you is still being written and might look different than what you had imagined.
When we look at bringing the Bible to life for our children, let’s move from why to how as we help them discover they are known, loved, and led by God.
Jesus cares so deeply about matters of the heart in children. After all, He is the one who said to let them come. So, what if we began doing the same?
Watch this video for tips and easy ways to set up technology in your classroom while using Wonder Ink curriculum.
Check out this in-depth video about how you can prepare and customize your lessons as you share them with your volunteers for Sunday.
Learn how to edit lesson content, add slides, and more in this helpful video for using the Wonder Ink lesson builder.