Every person has a unique origin story. Jesus is no exception! This Christmas series explores Jesus’ family line beginning with God’s promise to Abraham and continuing through the faith of a foreigner named Ruth.

Later, a young man named David, son of Jesse, great-grandson of Ruth, is anointed king of Israel. Prophets foretell the Savior’s coming through Jesse’s offspring.

This Christmas season, let us be anxiously longing and itching with excitement for Jesus’ return! 

Once Jesus is born, God’s plan for Jesus’ family line is confirmed by a devout man at the temple and a prophetess. Through it all, God has a unique plan that He carries out for the salvation of all people.

Jesus Family Tree Series Invitation

Close your eyes and remember Christmas as a kid. Recall how anticipation built up throughout the season, leaving you too excited and giddy to even sleep on Christmas Eve. Remember the joy and delight of Christmas morning when your anticipation was finally rewarded.

For many of us, everything we’d been excited for finally came true! 

I believe God gave us the Christmas season to mirror what the children of Israel felt over so many years waiting for the Messiah. But unlike Christmas, which comes at the same time every year, God’s people had no idea when the Savior would show up.

They held anticipatory excitement and anxious longing in their hands at the same time. God, we believe You’ll show up! … So, when will You show up? 

This is the nature of faith—belief in the face of uncertain circumstances. God worked through people of faith to build the Messiah’s family tree.

Abraham trusted God’s promise for a family. Ruth chose faithfulness over fear. Jesse learned that God had much bigger plans for his son, David, than he could have ever dreamed! Joseph believed God had done the impossible. And Anna and Simeon joyfully proclaimed the completion of God’s plan in the person of Jesus. 

We have the benefit of Christmas being in our past. But even though the wait for the Messiah is over, we, God’s children, still look for His return. This Christmas season, let us be anxiously longing and itching with excitement for Jesus’ return! 

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Christmas Tree Jubilee Event Overview

The Christmas Tree Jubilee is a family event that is filled with Christmas fun, including Ornament Stations and activities, as well as a large group teaching and worship experience.

These activities and experiences will take kids on a journey through the family tree of Jesus from the Old Testament to the birth of Jesus in the New Testament.

The event kit is digital and customizable, and it includes everything you need to host the event: graphics, promotional materials, a teaching video, a supply list, volunteer roles, decorating tips, and more!

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