It is imperative that children see and hear other kids worshipping God. Why? Because Jesus desires for them to come to Him. They are each invited to be part of the kingdom right now and they need to know that!

We know that kids don’t have to wait to grow up to be part of His kingdom. But sometimes we forget to communicate that well to children; whether we tell them or show them they are included.

Children are the church of today.

Jesus tells the disciples to ‘let the children come’ in Matthew 19:14. And this message still rings true for us today. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

Understanding the Why

We have the special opportunity as children’s leaders, parents, and disciple-makers to inspire this generation and the next in the wonder of worship. If we truly believe there is no junior Holy Spirit, then we must recognize that our kids are Christ followers and worshippers today.

As we serve children, engage them, and give them freedom to worship, we should encourage them to be bold in their worship of Jesus. We can do that by allowing them to lead in worship time, or other areas of the service. Let’s be passionate and spread the message that children are the church of today—not just tomorrow.

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And let’s work to inspire them in their journey of worship and adoration. We believe in the next generation of worshippers. Our prayer is that they are inspired to be totally abandoned in praise to our King Jesus.

And what wonder comes with that! When we allow kids to celebrate Jesus with song, their praise really does change things.

Wonder Ink’s 3-year, 52-week children’s ministry curriculum offers kids space to fully find their place in God’s Big Story. Children discover they are Known by God, Loved by Jesus, and Led by the Holy Spirit.

Leading Our Children

Worship is such a powerful way for kids to connect with the Lord. Sometimes as parents, we feel like we need to facilitate the Holy Spirit to work in their lives, but let’s remember that He doesn’t need us to. We are responsible for shepherding our children, and He will do the rest.

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