Wonder Ink is more than just lessons: it’s a full digital discipleship toolkit that empowers children’s ministry leaders—to help kids grow in their faith, walk alongside parents as they lead kids spiritually at home, and equip volunteers in ministry.

It provides a framework for faith formation for kids and families that helps them discover their identity as children of God through understanding that they are known by God, loved by Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit.

Guide kids into knowing God more deeply, as they explore His big story and marvel at His wonder.

12 Ways Wonder Ink can benefit any church (regardless of size):

  1. Ability to edit and customize lessons in an online portal or through downloadable Word documents.
  2. Ability to teach lessons digitally through computer, phone, or tablet, or print and teach from hard copies.
  3. A variety of resources available, such as social media images and captions, parent and volunteer communication templates, coloring pages, slides, printables, and more!
  4. Ability to choose from three time-options with pre-populated lessons to fit 30, 60, or 75- minute time frames.
  5. A unified scope and sequence that includes toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kids all learning the same Bible stories and truths.
  6. Supply lists and low-prep, low-supply activities (for all ages!) that work for varying ministry budgets.
  7. Worship playlists and videos provided.
  8. 4 fun family events provided each year (Easter, summer, fall, and Christmas).
  9. An approach to Scripture and worship response that is unifying across denominations and streams of Christian tradition.
  10. Each lesson includes options for reading the Bible passage directly from the Bible, viewing a Bible story video, engaging in an interactive live Bible teaching, or doing a combination of these (which is great for churches without internet or media capabilities!).
  11. Low-volunteer requirements so you can teach the lessons no matter how big your team is! Also, volunteer development and communication resources are provided to help you develop your team.
  12. Subscription cost is one price—no matter how many kids in your church—and does not include extra cost for media, events, or parent resources.

Wonder Ink’s 3-year, 52-week children’s ministry curriculum offers kids space to fully find their place in God’s Big Story. Children discover they are Known by God, Loved by Jesus, and Led by the Holy Spirit.

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See How Wonder Ink Works!

No matter what type of church you’re a part of, how big your budget is, how your children’s ministry is structured, or how much time you have with kids, Wonder Ink lessons can inspire kids in their faith journey. And it guides kids into knowing God more deeply, as they explore His big story and marvel at His wonder.

Lessons are age-appropriate and interactive, teaching the Bible in biblically accurate, God-centered ways, and helping kids make connections from each story to God’s big story.

The lessons can be used in a variety of church settings, from age-based Sunday school classrooms to large group/small group children’s church worship services, to one-room-schoolhouse style with a large age range—even large children’s ministries!

Discover 10 reasons to try Wonder Ink for free today!