We wander from God to do things our way. And still, God is faithful. He invites us to repent—to think again—about our sinful choices, to think again about who He is. Sound familiar? It’s a pattern God’s people know well.

This series explores five Old Testament stories of people who wander from God—Cain kills his brother; people build a tower to reach God on their terms; and the Israelites worship a golden calf, complain in the desert, and experience God’s mercy through the judges.

Every time, God invites His people to think again. And every time, He is faithful.

Series Invitation

Let’s walk together and let our hearts burn as we encounter Jesus in the ancient stories!

His faithfulness can be seen at every turn! We hear whispers of His coming redemption in the saga of Cain and Abel. As the people stop building the tower of Babel, we glimpse the coming power of unity available in Him.

He is the God of second chances and new beginnings! 

Somehow, while humankind works against Him, He is working all things for our good! 

God is so much more worthy of our worship and faith than the golden calf or the bronze serpent, and He is a much better rescuer than Ehud the judge of Israel, but these stories still point us to Him! He is always faithful, merciful, and surprising!

He is the God of second chances and new beginnings! 

As we remember these familiar and mysterious stories, let’s invite the Holy Spirit to take us deeper and show us more about our beautiful Savior! Every time we contemplate His Word, there is more richness to be found!

What new beauty and revelation awaits us now? When Jesus walked with His disciples and unveiled how the Scriptures were all pointing to Him, did He touch on some of these stories?

If you ask Him to reveal Himself now, He will, for He is faithful. What will He reveal as you think again? 

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