Our kids will have many opportunities to explore the nativity story, ask questions about Jesus’ birthday, and celebrate Immanuel—God with us—our baby King throughout their faith journey. But one could argue, even more compelling than the day itself was the long-expected nature of Messiah’s birth.

God had promised a King. The prophets had foretold His story.

The weeks leading up to Christmas Day can be a time to enjoy the vibrancy of anticipation, to know that something worth waiting for is coming, and yet to wait it out. Isaiah teaches us to measure waiting differently: that waiting with anticipation requires both trust and truth.

In this series, kids will celebrate Advent in a new way as they discover the prophecies about Jesus from Isaiah in the Old testament and the fulfillment of those prophecies in the birth of Jesus, as well as the promise of His return.

Series Invitation

For centuries, many churches have used the word advent to mark the season leading up to Christmas. The word literally means coming. And while not all churches follow a liturgical calendar, we all spend weeks preparing for Jesus’ birthday.

His coming was anticipated, and God’s people waited a very long time for Messiah’s arrival.

We have every reason to believe that the waiting will render the very hope we anticipate.

The anticipation of Christmas morning is possibly the closest thing to the posture we are meant to maintain in light of the second coming of Christ.

What would shift if we went to bed every night expecting to wake up on Christmas morning? Would you grow apathetic to that measure of hope or joy? Have you grown apathetic to Jesus’ return?

Our culture doesn’t value the fine art of waiting, delayed gratification, or even hope. We’ve invented countless ways to get things done more quickly, more independently, and more efficiently. We’ve nearly eliminated the need to wait.

But in this season, we wait. And we will wait on purpose, and we will wait well. Because we know it’s worth it. We have every reason to believe that the waiting will render the very hope we anticipate.

Take some time to lean into the waiting …

  • What does it mean to you to wait?
  • What do you want the kids you serve to learn about waiting?
  • What fills you with anticipation?
  • How would someone who knows you well know you’re excited about something? Does that person know you’re excited about Jesus?
  • How can you pray for a fresh infusion of joy and exuberance in the waiting?

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