Declaring truth with our kids gives them the words to know who they are and whose they are. It gives them boldness and assurance in what they have access to as God’s kids. And repetition is key.

Doing this reminds children that they are made special, their friends are made special, and God made each and every one of us! Even if we like different things or look different from one another, God made us all in His image.

Because of this reason (and more), we can each tell the world of His great wonder. The fact that God knows us, Jesus loves us, and the Holy Spirit leads us is enough to make us each wonder-filled.

Reminding our kids of this amazing truth through declaration, is one way for them to speak it over themselves. It gives them words for what it means to follow after Jesus!

Watch Brie as She Declares Truth!

Check out this wonderful declaration video from Brie. She is known by God, loved by Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit. What a wonder she is!

Even if we like different things or look different from one another, God made us all in His image.

Be Wonderfilled Declaration: Early Childhood

Have kids repeat the bold words after you, as you all do the motions!

Thank You, God, that You made me! (Make prayer hands, then point up to God and to yourself.)

And I am You kid! (Put your hands on your hips.)

Jesus loves me so much, (Spread your arms out wide to your side one at a time, then pull them in for a hug around your chest.)

His love for me is big. (Hold your arms up high and wide above your head.)

The Holy Spirit leads me (Bring your arms down from the sky, making a path in front of you.)

And I can follow You. (March like you’re following the leader.)

My life can tell Your story, (Hold your hands in front of you like an open book.)

I’m a wonder, this is true! (Put your hands up, shaking your fingers, celebrating.)

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Watch  Empowering Kids with Kingdom Identity

When we encourage our children in their Christ-given identity, it gives them a strong foundation for knowing who and whose they are. Watch the video here.