Faith begins with wonder.

A customizable digital curriculum and toolkit for your children’s ministry. Empower volunteers, engage families, and inspire children on their journey of faith.

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What if Sunday morning was just the starting point?

Faith formation is not limited to Sunday mornings. Wonder Ink empowers families and invites children to experience the wonder of God every day in every way.

Designed by ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink provides a comprehensive solution to empower and train volunteers to be effective in inspiring kids to discover their identity in God’s Big Story.

This customizable digital curriculum and toolkit creatively engages kids and families in God’s Word—connecting the classroom on Sunday to their homes during the week.

Ignite Curiosity and Inspire Kids to Discover Their Identity in God’s Big Story

Supporting Early Childhood and Elementary kids in both large and small group models, Wonder Ink comprehensively explores the Big Questions and Big Ideas of the entire Bible through a 4-part journey of Curiosity, Belief, Faith, and Identity.

Rooted in Biblical truth, weekly lessons are enriched with 4 core values:

  • God Knows Me
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • The Holy Spirit Leads Me
  • I Am a Child of God

The 3-year, 52-week scope and sequence offers kids space to fully discover their place in God’s Big Story, leaving no doubt about who God is and who they are in Him—helping them understand how their lives can tell of His wonder.

Wonder is where it all begins.

A 4-Part Journey of Faith Formation


A multi-sensory object lesson, STEM experiment, or group activity that sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and gets kids thinking about the wonder of God.


A deep and interactive dive into Scripture that guides kids into knowing God more deeply, exploring His Big Story, and marveling at His wonder.


An intentional conversation that helps kids see the wonder of God’s Story and how it connects to their own, emboldening their faith, and fostering a deeper understanding of their place in God's kingdom.


An interactive response activity that ushers kids into worship and creates space for Him to remind them of these core truths: I am known by God, I am loved by Jesus, I am led by the Holy Spirit, and my life can tell of God’s wonder.

Created and Tested by Experts

The result of a 2-year journey from insights, research, development and testing by seasoned children’s ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink is designed and tested to equip today’s church with impactful curriculum and comprehensive toolkit. Wonder Ink gives leaders tools to comprehensively develop and train volunteers, empower families and inspire children.

Explore the Customizable Digital Curriculum and Toolkit

  • Explores the entire Bible in a 3-year, 52-week/year curriculum
  • Age-appropriate variations for Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with Toddler Time) and Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5)
  • Fully resourced lessons for large and small groups
  • Lessons are themed in 4-8 week series, including Christmas and Easter
  • Choose from ready-to-go lessons at 30, 60, or 75 minutes—and edit them to fit your needs.
  • Lessons are resourced with training, supply lists, and leader tips for classroom management, inclusion, and virtual learning
  • Includes teaching videos, slides, questions, and worship playlists
  • Each lesson supports various learning styles and offers activity options
  • Every lesson is ready to cast, stream, download, or print to suit your ministry needs.
  • Adapt each lesson to what your teachers need
  • Every lesson can be edited for time, content, and media
  • Select or remove individual slides, videos, music, or games
  • Develop volunteers and equip families through communication, planning and calendar tools
  • Connect and collaborate with other children’s leaders on lessons and build a network of peers
  • Built-in social media capabilities to drive engagement with volunteers, families, and your church
  • Multiple leader accounts per subscription so that teachers and parents have access to what they need
  • Online expert lesson and platform support through David C Cook
  • In-lesson tips and training for every lesson
  • Fully resourced and focused training kits for volunteers
  • Communicate with and develop your volunteers to inspire kids to discover their identity in God’s Big Story
  • Families can access Wonder@Home lesson reinforcement activities including games, worship playlists, and more
  • Total digital platform inspiring kids to have fun choosing avatars, playing games, and earning badges each week
  • Ability to share an event calendar and seasonal family engagement series
  • Special dedicated series for Christmas and Easter

Wonder Ink Scope & Sequence

As a comprehensive curriculum, Wonder Ink explores the Big Questions and Big Ideas of the entire Bible in 3 years, with age-appropriate variations for Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with Toddler Time) and Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5).

Lessons are grouped into series of 4-8 weeks in length that explore the 4 core values of

  • God Knows Me
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • The Holy Spirit Leads Me
  • I Am a Child of God

Includes dedicated series for both Christmas and Easter.


Simple, singular pricing for either Early Childhood (Ages 3-5 with Toddler Time), Elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5), or Combined subscriptions. 

  • No additional license or media fees
  • Annual subscription gives you and your church full access to the digital platform and its full suite of tools
  • Flexible 3-payment option available at checkout
  • Available for purchase starting June 1, 2022
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