When looking at the 7 Hebrew words for praise found in Scripture, we find yâdâh, hâlal, zâmar, tôwdâh, bârak, tehillâh, and shâbach.  As He has given each of us different abilities, desires, and personalities, our praise to God will be expressed differently. As we walk through seasons, experience ups and downs, our expression of praise may change.

Whatever our praise looks like in the season we’re in, there is a constant, true, and faithful source. His name is Jesus and we have joy, hope, peace, and love in Him and because of Him.

Psalm 95 talks about praising God. It depicts Him as the King above all kings, the Creator of the world, and our Shepherd. To think that the Creator of all things loves me … that inspires wonder in me. To think that the King of all kings gives me a seat at His table … that inspires wonder in me.

To think that He fully knows me, fully loves me, and chooses to lead me … that inspires wonder in me. Declaring His truth gives life.

We get to shine a big light that points to Him so that others may know the freedom and love and goodness that He has for them.

And in this wonder, I choose to worship the source of the wonder—God Himself. After all, He is the One who came so that we may live.

Worship in Wonder

When we realize that in all of our mess, in all of who we are, that God desires us, we realize how amazing it is that we get to worship and love Him back.

So, in the outpouring of your worship, whether it’s singing on Sunday, or leading a group of kids each week, or loving your family through the heart of the Father, or even doing your everyday tasks as if for Him, you get to reflect and shine a really big light on His great love.

And that is wonder-filled worship.

And when we take part in wonder-filled worship … when we allow the Holy Spirit to move in the ways that only He can, we give God space to have His will show up in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We give others a chance to encounter Him when we live in this posture.

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Worship as Part of His Story

Because He knows us, loves us, and leads us—we get to be part of His Story.

We get to shine a big light that points to Him so that others may know the freedom and love and goodness that He has for them. So that others can be fully covered by the cloak of grace from Jesus Christ Himself. So that when you see me, you see Him.

There’s literally nothing better.

So, may we worship in wonder. In wonder at the God who placed the stars in the sky and who calls us each by name. The very God who walked with Adam and Eve, who led the Israelites to freedom, who sent us Jesus—Immanuel.

We were made to love Him, let’s not miss the point. That’s our purpose. Let’s live in this wonder-filled worship.

He beckons us closer. Let’s draw near to God—for our souls, our families, our ministries.

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