It’s no secret that parents are the most influential spiritual leaders in kids’ lives. And in your children’s ministry, you have the opportunity to partner with and equip them to lead their kids spiritually.

These are 3 things parents need from your children’s ministry:

  • Communication and Information
  • Resources for At-home Discipleship
  • Opportunities to Worship and Grow as a Family

Wonder Ink provides easy, ready-to-go tools and resources for your church to do all three.

Partner with and Equip Parents

Communication and Information

Parents need to know what their kids are learning: the Bible story, the main idea, and the memory verse, so they can continue conversations at home. Wonder Ink provides resources for communicating easily with parents.

You have the opportunity to partner with and equip parents to lead their kids spiritually.

Parent Communication Templates

These are series and lesson-specific editable email or newsletter templates that you can simply download and copy and paste right into your monthly (or weekly) parent emails. There are also series and lesson-specific text messages.

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Social Media

Wonder Ink provides social media images in various sizes that tell what the series and lessons are, the Wonder Truth, the series memory verse, plus there’s a parent engagement social media. You can post these on your church or children’s ministry’s social media platform or in a parent Facebook group or put them on your church’s website or bulletin.

Weekly Take-home Sheets

The Wonder@Home documents are easy to download and can be printed and handed out or emailed to parents each week. You can also print and post them outside your classrooms each week. These tell parents what kids are learning and include discussion questions as well as two at-home hands-on activities to take kids deeper.

Slides and Posters

Slides and posters with weekly Bible stories and Wonder Truths are provided and can be posted outside your classrooms to let parents know what their kids are learning each week.

Series Promo Videos

You can show or send parents the promo videos before a new series to let them know what kids will be learning in the upcoming series.

Wonder Ink’s 3-year, 52-week children’s ministry curriculum offers kids space to fully find their place in God’s Big Story. Children discover they are Known by God, Loved by Jesus, and Led by the Holy Spirit.

Resources for At-Home Discipleship

Parents need resources to lead and disciple their kids at home. Wonder Ink provides easy ways for you to offer at-home resources to parents:

Wonder@Home Documents and Parent Portal

The Wonder@Home downloadable documents are weekly resources for parents to dive deeper into the Bible story at home. They include an overview and summary of the Bible story, the memory verse, the Wonder Truth, discussion questions, and two at-home devotional activities to take kids deeper and apply the lessons.

You can print and give these to parents each week or email them. Parents also have access to a parent portal through the Wonder Ink platform, which offers the same Wonder@Home resources, as well as games, videos, and more for kids to engage with at home.

At-Home Videos

In addition to the regular Bible story videos provided for use at church, there are identical versions of the weekly Bible story videos that include family discussion questions at the end. This allows families to watch the videos again together at home and discuss what God is teaching them.

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Series Family Discipleship Documents

Wonder Ink provides for each series an editable document that allows parents to know and discuss what their kids are learning during each series and includes QR codes to see all the Bible story videos and Spotify playlists, as well as discussion questions, two at-home spiritual practices, and a breath prayer.

You can print and give these to parents or email them.

Wonder Ink provides easy, ready-to-go tools and resources for your church.

Spotify Playlists

Each series offers a Worship@Home Spotify playlist that you can send to parents so they can play the worship songs at home that your kids are singing at church.

Opportunities to Worship and Grow Together as a Family

Families need intentional times together when they can worship together and grow in their faith while having fun and building relationships within a community of believers. Wonder Ink provides these through opportunities through four fun and ready-to-go family events each year:

  • Fall Event
  • Christmas Event
  • Easter Event
  • Summer Event

Each event is intentionally designed to draw families together as they dive deeper into their faith and experience the presence of God while also having fun!

The events include supply lists, decorating tips, snacks, volunteer roles, promotional materials, activities and fun, worship, teaching and prayer time, a Bible-based video, and more!

More Resources for Equipping Parents