Gold nuggets behind the title of Wonder Ink's summer Bible school curriculum: Wise Up.

Wise Up Series + Treasure Quest Event

Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Rooted in the Gospel—faith begins with wonder.

Empower kids to understand the fullness of who they are in God's Big Story as they discover 4 core truths:

Revolutionized our Kids' Ministry

It has revolutionized our children’s ministry because it actively engages both children and parents in serving and worship. It stimulates participation and involvement as opposed to children sitting, listening and simply being bored spectators…

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Engage kids in God’s Word.

All age groups study the same Bible story each week. You can customize lessons and activities or choose from the 30, 60, or 75-minute ready-to-go lessons—Bible story and worship videos included!

Faith formation that continues beyond Sunday.

With resources for at church and at home, Wonder Ink helps leaders partner with parents to share God’s Big Story all week long.

You can trust our curriculum.

Although Wonder Ink is new, it was created by David C Cook. We’ve been serving the local church since 1875 and work diligently to create curriculum rooted in God’s Word. You can learn more about us here.

Created by ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink Bible curriculum for kids is a trusted solution for your children’s church or Sunday school program. It helps the local church inspire children in faith, walk alongside parents at home, and equip volunteers in ministry.

Child Discipleship: Connecting Truth to Identity in God’s Big Story

Check out the Wonder Ink scope and sequence!

Wonder Ink’s child discipleship plan explores the entire Bible and celebrates the wonder of God in each lesson through a 4-part journey of Curiosity, Belief, Faith, and Identity.

Support Early Childhood (Ages 3–5 with a Toddler Time track) and Elementary kids (Kindergarten through Grade 5) in both large and small group models with Wonder Ink.


A multi-sensory object lesson, STEM experiment, or group activity that sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and gets kids thinking about the wonder of God.


A deep and interactive dive into Scripture that guides kids into knowing God more deeply, exploring His Big Story, and marveling at His wonder.


An intentional conversation that helps kids see the wonder of God’s Story and how it connects to their own, emboldening their faith, and fostering a deeper understanding of their place in God's kingdom.


An interactive response activity that ushers kids into worship and creates space for Him to remind them of these core truths: I am known by God, I am loved by Jesus, I am led by the Holy Spirit, and my life can tell of God’s wonder.
The 3-year, 52-week scope and sequence makes room for the big (and sometimes hard) questions kids have while leaving no doubt about who God is and who they are in Him. Lessons are grouped into series of 4-8 weeks and includes dedicated series for both Christmas and Easter. Plus, 4 family ministry events are included each year!

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